Bio | Daniel Chidiac

Daniel Chidiac is the author of best-selling book- Who Says You Can’t? YOU DO. Through his journey he has modelled the most successful people known to man, travelled overseas to meet with leaders who have the strongest mindset on the planet, interacted with exceptional achievers and coached people from all the around the globe. He has coached celebrity contestants on Dancing With The Stars, radio show hosts, international DJ’s, TV Presenters, Business Leaders and so on. Daniel is a guest writer for many companies and has appeared on radio shows around the world. Most importantly however, he has dwelled deep into the human mind and emotions we all face. Daniel’s writing has touched millions of people worldwide and currently inspires thousands of people daily.

He says, “I love to resonate with people through my writing. I want to talk about things that are real, things people can relate to, and topics that we all go through. I don’t like sugar coating what I feel, so I do my best to make my writing as real, raw and direct as I can. I will write what lies deep within me.” Daniel is currently working on his next book, a novel called “The Modern Break-Up”.

Daniel has an entrepreneurial spirit and believes we can achieve what ever we set out for. His spiritual view of success will shine through his writing and capture the hearts of all who read it.

A Note From Daniel…

Why I do what I do?

I write to awaken, to send on a journey of ones soul, to get lost in the open mindedness of being free from the systematic way of thinking. I write to escape the “reality” that has been fabricated, synthetically shaped and hijacked over generations. I write to resonate with people’s souls; about things they can relate to, the power and weakness of what it is like to be a soul in this human body,  and the challenges we go through. I want my writing to be real; I want my art to be expressed to you in the rawness of how I feel it within myself.  I am passionate about you, about me, about the world, about everything that makes up this one connected living organism that we are a part of. I like to be diverse in my writing, sometimes controversial by other people’s standards, and definitely not here to sugar coat anything. I write stories, I write creative, I write real.


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